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Hoiward 300/350

Kohler k141 - K181 Replacement Exhaust (NonGenuine)Very Good Quality Pattern Part.

Kohler K141 K181 Exhaust N/A New/Unused £7.00 £5.00
Howard 350/Gem Briggs & Stratton Kohler Exhaust Muffler GenuinePart. B & S Exhaust Muffler   New/Unused £20.00 £6.00
Howard Gem K341/Magnum 16 Replacement Exhaust Muffler (1 5/8" Hole) K341,Magnum 16 Exhaust Muffler   New/Unused £14.00 £5.00
Howard 300/350 K141 -K181 Head Gasket GenuineKohler Small logoPart. K141 - K181 Head Gasket 41-041 10-S New/Unused £10.00 £2.00
Howard Gem K301 & Magnum Head Gasket (Non Genuine) K301 & Magnum Head Gasket N/A New/Unused £10.00 £2.00
Howard 300/350/352 Flywheel Bearing. Flywheel Bearing   New/Unused £10.00 £2.00
Howard 300/350/352/Gem?

Replacement Recoil Starter K141-K181,Magnum

(Direct Replacement K141-K181,Magnum Original fit) Genuine Kohler Small logoPart.

Replacement Recoil Starter K141-K181   New/Unused £60.00 £8.00
Howard 300/350/352/Gem? Replacement Recoil Starter Spring K141-K181,Magnum GenuineKohler Small logo Part. 141-K181 Replacement Recoil starter Spring 231705-S New/Unused £35.00 £3.00
Howard 300/350/352 Replacement Air Filter Element K91-K161 K91 K161 Air filter Element Kohler- 230840 New/Unused £6.00 £3.00
  Replacement Air Filter Element K141K,241,K301 & K321 Size 6" Od,4 3/4" Id,2" H. M8,K141 Air Filter Element   New/Unused £7.00 £4.00
Howard 300/350 Replacement Throttle Cable 60"(Non Genuine Part) Replacement Throttle Cable   New/Unused £12.00 £3.00
Kohler K181 Replacement Piston & Ring Set,20 Thou Oversize, Ex M.O.D Stock)   New/Unused £20.00 £5.00
300/350 kohler K Series Service Kit (K141-K181) Rplacement Points,Condensor,Spark Plug,Air Filter Element & 1ltr Sae 30 Oil (please state Air Filter elemnt depth Required, 1 1/2" Shown Option of "1 1/4 Available   New/Unused £38.00 £6.50
300/350 Kohler Engine K141-K181

Complete overhaul Gasket Set (Ex M.O.D Stock)

GenuineKohler Small logoPart.

  New/Unused £25.00 £5.00
300/350 (Fitted With Kohler Engine)

Kohler K Series Air Cleaner (Dry Element Type) Ex MOD stock.

GenuineKohler Small logoPart.

  New/Unused £22.00 £9.00